Gynecological cryosurgery

Date booking: Required

Referral: Pre-qualification with the doctor performing the procedure required

Age range: Depends on the doctor - please check the doctor's business card for details

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The qualifying physician informs about possible preparation.

Description of the study

This is a procedure that involves freezing the diseased tissue (lesions on the cervix and vulva) with an appropriate dose of nitrous oxide. The procedure is simple and is performed by a gynecologist. During the freezing procedure, as a result of the low temperature, although the procedure is painless, the patient may feel cramps in the lower abdomen - these are uterine contractions due to the application of low temperature to the cervix. There may also be vasomotor symptoms in the form of facial redness. These symptoms subside within a few minutes after the procedure. The freezing procedure should be performed as soon as possible after menstruation, so that by the next period the cervix is healed. The body itself removes dead cells within a maximum of 14 days, which prevents infection of the healing area.